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About Me


Ever since I was a child, I’ve had a passion for fashion, but most especially footwear.
I remember a younger version of myself sneaking into mom’s closet to put on these silver metallic Nine West sling back heels. I’d practice my Cat walk in those heels every day after school, with FashionTV playing in the background for inspiration. Somehow I was convinced I was gonna be the next Naomi/Tyra hybrid- LOL

When I finally got the chance to purchase my first pair of high heels- a navy-inspired blue and white striped pump with a fancy red bow on the toe, believe me… I tore those babies up! I wore them with every possible outfit combination I could think of- bell bottom jeans, skinny jeans, babydoll dresses, mini skirts. You name it.

Then along came my first pair of designer shoes at 14. I fell in love with these Marciano cutout leather lace-up booties that had the edge of a Samuri sword. Sexy and sharp. I still have these bad boys sitting pretty in my closet today. Emphasis on Q-U-A-L-I-T-Y, ladies! They’re intact and new as ever…but we’re not here to talk about the quality of luxury goods just yet, we’ll save all that good stuff for later 😉 …Right now, I’ll give you a brief and somewhat pathetic (you’ll understand why soon) summary of the birth of my passion: Footwear design!


Like many love stories, there’s a beautiful beginning and often torturous end that one party unrequitedly suffers through. That was me- the sufferer. Love life in the grave. Single around Valentine’s day with a sea of bewildering thoughts that kept me questioning my purpose and searching for something new to ignite some passion in me, I think we all know have some experience with this. But, I couldn’t let the feeling over power me. So I sat with my brain working over time to come up with a hobby centred around something I love, something that makes me happy all the time, and something I could effortlessly spend my life doing.

As an attempt to reclaim my sanity and appreciate my love for footwear, I threw a visit to Toronto’s Bata Shoe Museum into my Valentine’s day schedule. It was the one thing I was certain would plaster a genuine smile on my face. As cliche as it sounds, shoes are simply my one true love.

On February 14, 20– (we’ll just say 2016 for the sake of slapping a date on it), much like other days, I planned my outfit around my choice of footwear: a pair of pointed-toe pumps that I purchased impulsively from a brand that shall not be named- no test run, no contemplation… just straight off the shelf. (Worst. Decision. Ever.)

After what felt like 3 hours of wandering around in these jailhouse shoes, I just couldn’t ignore the warfare happening between feet and those horrible plastic-lined straps that might as well have served the purpose of a shank in a prison fight, because OUCH! By this time I’d already gotten to the top most level at the Bata Shoe Museum. I’ve seen it all. I’m out. ✌

Nonetheless that disappointment I felt (and still feel) towards Steve Madden was quickly overshadowed by the inspiration I got during my walk through the museum, because I thought endlessly of ways to develop this new found love. Like 99% of YouTube users, I fell victim to its slippery slope of related videos after a quick search of Manolo Blahnik documentaries- which, by the way, are the most inspiring visuals any passionate footwear lover should see (one, two or three times, if you’re like me).

I say “most inspiring” visuals because the fluidity of his hands moving across blank pages and transforming canvases into auctionable art work was so invigorating that I decided to pick up a pencil and attempt to draw my very first pair of shoes.
To my surprise, it came with ease and a lightbulb going off in my head to design luxury footwear for a living- whether it be for myself or for a brand, I wasn’t sure. All I knew was that the curse had been broken, because I found my passion.

Since discovering my love for footwear design, I’ve made tons of pencil leads disappear into sketchpads as I create exciting and lavish footwear and have recently gotten into the priceless art of shoe making, which I look forward to sharing as I develop my brand, Molly.

So I’m here, baring it all and penning this open letter to footwear lovers like myself who are looking to leave an imprint on this earth. Like the famous saying goes:

“Find something you love and do that for the rest of your life”



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