The Journey To MOLLY: Miami Swim Week 2022

As you may know, MOLLY’s first ever runway show at New York Fashion Week was a lovely experience with the Flying Solo NYC team. For a passionate designer like myself emerging into the global scene, runway shows with the potential of a global reach are always an opportunity to seize, so it was no question that I jumped at the offer to showcase my GR1 designs at Flying Solo’s Miami Swim & Resort Week.

When I was contacted about the MSW opportunity, it came with 2 other options- Paris Fashion Week & NYFW S/S ’23. While deliberating my options, I knew right off the bat that Paris would cost an undesirable bill to execute as opposed to the closer options- Miami & New York. Besides, I’d already experienced New York and always wanted to re-visit Miami as an adult, so it was a no brainer!

With flight cancellations and baggage losses at an alarming rate, my worst fear was not being able to make it, or even worse, making it and not having a single pair to show.
I honestly prayed so much for favour and protection over my suitcases because my anxiety was sky-high, but thank God, because your girl made it to Miami with no issues at all.

Similar to NYFW, Flying Solo hosted a Designer’s Meeting at Moxy’s Hotel to mix & mingle, and more importantly, to get everyone acquainted with their collaborating brands (if any). I had the pleasure of meeting 2 designers that I would be collaborating with, one- a popular Brazilian swimwear brand called Vestitoperte, and two- an eccentric jewelry brand called Jewels of the Nomad. It’s so crazy because prior to our realization that we would be working together, I was instantly drawn to the Jewels of the Nomad designer, Susan, because she had on a pair of unique sandals that I just couldn’t take my eyes off.

On the day of the fitting, I met my 3rd collaboration brand. I honestly don’t remember the name, but I fitted about 6-8 pairs of shoes on their models.

So! Everything was going smoothly, as expected.
Now, because of the way the FS show was set up into 4/5 segments, I had 2 different time slots I needed to be present for in order to make sure that my GR1 shoes were worn correctly, and that I retrieved every pair intact.

The first 2 shows were great, no issues at all with Vestitoperte & Jewels of the Nomad.
I think I had a 3/4 hour window before my final collab was scheduled to show, so I headed back to my Airbnb to get changed into something more ‘open’ because it was stupid hot! But before leaving the first segment, I constantly made sure to check that my 3rd collab was good, in terms of styling the shoes, to which they constantly assured me that they were… That’s why I was thrown off when I returned for the final show and noticed that none of their models had on a single pair of my shoes.

I honestly didn’t know what to think so I located one of the designers to ask if there was a problem with the shoes and guys when I tell you his response was so dismissive. Ugh. He straight told me “we’re not gonna use them”. No courtesy, and definitely no regards for another “emerging designer” whose spotlight was solely dependent on their collaborations.

All this while I was hanging around in the hot ass sun, asking endlessly if they were good or needed anything when I could have been relaxing after my show and celebrating with my friends & family.

Don’t get me wrong. The fact that they decided not to wear the shoes was not the problem. My problem was not having that decision communicated hours before their showtime so that I didn’t have to spend my time and money returning to the venue. Furthermore, because of the way Flying Solo shows are set up, accessory brands like MOLLY are paired with clothing brands to ensure that they are getting the most exposure possible. That’s why it was so weird to me cause I just kept thinking to mysellf- ‘what if they were my ONLY collab and they slighted me in that way??’ I would have paid thousands of dollars, traveled to Miami, invited all my people, JUST to not have my pieces shown because someone else made decided my fate at the very last minute.

Overall, Miami Swim & Resort Week with Flying Solo was a success. Not as ‘big’ a success as NYFW, but I wouldn’t discount the experience one bit!

Check out the runway videos below and don’t forget to follow for more updates on The Journey to Molly

MOLLY x Vestitoperte

MOLLY x Jewels of the Nomad

Until next time,

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