A Dollar And A Dream: Attending The Diary of A Social Gal’s ‘Garden of Dreams’ Pre F1 Party

Let me first start off by saying… I really do feel like I live under a rock sometimes, because until I met the lovely Writer & Publicist at the Pop-Up 2 Shop event who invited me to my second event since moving to Montreal, I’d never heard of Diary of a Social Gal. So with a quick 1-2 step to our trusted Google, I looked it up to find that it’s a one-stop-shop for all things social: Fashion, Culture, Food, Drinks, Style, and of course, Parties!

Diary of a Social Gal is a Montreal-based Luxury Lifestyle & Social Magazine founded by a very fabulous, Jenn Campbell, and from what I’ve seen, she’s very much well-versed at hosting exclusive and glamorous soirees! This event was no different, and was specifically celebrating 10 Years of Diary with their special ‘Reignition Edition’ ahead of the the official Formula 1 Grand Prix party in Montréal.

As lovely as it was, I’m still stuck on the fact that my shoes were my ticket into such an elite social gathering. But hey! How fitting is it that the party was called “The Garden of Dreams”? Being in an environment with well-established individuals felt motivating, inspiring, however, slightly intimidating at the same time.

I received a special email invite to the launch of the Diary’s 10th Anniversary, and I didn’t even think twice. I immediately accepted cause let’s be real… As much as the internet is power, MOLLY (and I mean myself) literally needs to be out there. Btw, how embarrassing was it that I initially thought she was asking me to exhibit my footwear at the event Lmao *cryiing*. Like for real… that’s how you know I haven’t been invited out to party in a while. LOL. It was highly embarrassing.

But anyway, the dress code on the invite stated “Blush-Glam; Dreamy-Chic”, and for the life of me… I just couldn’t wrap my head around it. After struggling to decide what to wear for a bit, I played it safe-ish with a rosey dress, leather harness over it, the right accessories, and definitely with my 3-in-1 Interchangeable GR1 shoes of course. After all… it was called the Garden of Dreams. I also took my prototyped MOLLY purse to go with my shoes (2nd time out), and I loved it even more!

Upon walking into the Marriott Terrace beautifully decorated for the event, guests were greeted with Champagne and bite-sized delicious-looking treats as we partied through Montreal’s gorgeous sunset, lovely floral arrangements, picture-perfect magazine layouts, and monogrammed ice buckets filled with little takeaways- all curated for the perfect and ravishingly-exquisite night.

As spectacular as the night was, it was nonetheless pretty mellow for me seeing as my birthday was literally in a few hours and I felt somewhat alone at this lavish party by myself. It was honestly bitter-sweet. But! I stuck it out, and I’m pretty proud of myself for even walking into such a space so bold-faced and not feeling out of place. 10/10. Would definitely attend if I’m ever invited again. However… more confidently, more outgoing, and definitely with a plus one.

As always… It’s so interesting watching life unfold on The Journey To Molly, the highs and the lows, the glitz and the glam, and the struggles beneath it all. I never really know what to expect these days, but *sigh*, I’m grateful to be the captain of this ship and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Until next time!


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