The Journey to MOLLY: Working On The GR 2 & GR 3 Prototypes

As time progresses, I become more accustomed to the processes of the footwear industry, and I learn what it takes to keep the momentum of my brand steady. In order to keep rising and flourishing, I have to delve deeper into the habit of extended planning and anticipation- I’m talking months ahead, to avoid dormant periods . Stagnation has always served as an anxiety-breeding ground for me, so being aware of what it takes to execute another project successfully, and in a timely order, is my reward for executing my premier project- The GR1, from concept to completion.

Both the GR 1 & GR 2 were created as a duo in 2019, however, only the GR1 was prototyped and produced in a small but suitable quantity to test the waters of having to branch out from a bespoke shoemaker to a footwear retailer. After facing & overcoming many hurdles from The GR 1, I have a better understanding of how to accomplish subsequent projects with the least amount of stress and unexpected situations which is why I decided to get a head start on The GR 2 & GR 3 before I run through my current inventory.

Redesigning The GR2 from its original concept was a choice I made as a result of my uncanny knack to add a little sauce to my style. What was once adored in 2019, quickly became “too simple” in 2021, and I just couldn’t stand to diminish the edge of my footwear. On the other hand, The GR 3 prototype I created during phase 1 of the lockdown did not waver in attraction, so I decided to keep it as is.

I created tech packs with images of the initial prototypes attached, and sent them over to my partners overseas. The new projects required some revisions as usual, but it seemed to flow a lot easier than The GR 1 since I am working with the same team. The GR 2 & GR 3 will be debuted at a very special event coming soon šŸ˜‰ and hopefully, I will be up for pre-sale by the end of 2022! But so far, so good..I’m pretty much in the testing phase to gauge the functionality of the designs, but once that’s approved, the final production costs will be sent over and production will officially begin!

Until next,


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