The Journey To MOLLY: Showing In New York Fashion Week 2022!

I think it goes without saying that every Fashion Lover dreams of having a moment in one of the globe’s hottest Fashion Week locations- Paris, Milan, New York, etc., at least once in their lifetime. I, most definitely, am one of those unapologetic dreamers! So imagine my anxiety & excitement, when I got the congratulatory e-mail listing me as one of the few talented Independent Fashion Designers set to showcase at Flying Solo’s upcoming New York Fashion Week Show! *screaming!!!*

I meeaaan! A girl can dream right?! But [somehow] it always feels unbelievable when those dreams start to become reality… Nevertheless, it’s safe to say that I’ve remained incredibly calm for the past 8 months despite knowing that one of my biggest career milestones is approaching. I know you’re probably thirsty for the tea, and I’m eager to spill! So! Let’s get right into it, shall we?

Honestly… it was one of my lesser glorious moments.
I had just gotten past an aggressively-demanding 8-month Prototyping & Production Phase of The GR1, and was putting together a very last-minute Editorial for MOLLY before some much needed R&R.

I remember feeling numb, with a bunch of questions running through my mind about what direction to take my brand, being mentally drained, praying for a sign, and then boom!.. at 2am on a quiet April morning in 2021, an Instagram Ad calling for designers to present their collections at the Flying Solo show landed on my timeline. After a quick 5-minute research about the company, I thought “what do I have to lose?”, and proceeded to put in an application (not considering the thought that I would actually be selected), put my phone down and carried on with my nocturnal ways. A few days later, I received [the] email, signed the Designer Agreement contract, and that was it! Your girl was officially added to the Flying Solo NYFW Feb ’22 show!

I wouldn’t necessarily say there are a lot of preparations to be done on my end. Fortunately, all I have to do is make the selection of what Interchangeable looks I have to deliver for the show, and carry out the obligatory quality checks on each footwear.

I’ve had one interview with Fashion Week Online, and a few digital meetings with some amazing members of the Flying Solo team to get through virtual introductions, designer requirements, show preparations, and generally provide help… but honestly, since my shoes are pretty much flight ready, most of my preparations have gone into booking a comfortable and safe hotel in proximity to the show venue, planning a budget and itinerary, and trying not to overthink the fact that MOLLY will be showcased in a NYFW SHOW! *screaming!* I don’t think it’s hit me yet, but I’m sure it definitely will once I’m [there].

The Flying Solo February 2022 show is scheduled for February 13th at its signature rooftop location in Soho, NY. The next day- February 14th, 2022 is also the 5th year anniversary of my Journey To Molly- the day my love for footwear explosively elevated into a discovery of my design skills and I decided to build my own luxury brand.. so it’s safe to say that I’ll be celebrating back to back!

To be honest, since I’m showcasing only shoes for my first fashion show, I’m mostly looking forward to the collaborations with other brands, as well as the potential partnerships that could form as a result of the show, the press & the attendees. Ever since I decided to step out of my social bubble & network with other creatives & respectable individuals in the fashion industry, and, of course, ever since the COVID-19 pandemic started, I haven’t had a chance to do much of this in-person, so this will be the push that I need.

Overall, I have to say, it really wasn’t as difficult as I’d imagined it to be- showing in a NYFW show, but then again, I’d never attempted to show my designs until the Flying Solo Ad appeared on @brandedbymolly‘s Instagram feed. I guess you could say it was divine timing, but.. we’ll see where this one takes us on The Journey To Molly. It’s definitely the start of a new chapter for me in the fashion industry, but until then, let’s sit back & hang tight! It’s a new year, and I’ve got some much bigger & better things to come 😉

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