Illustrations: The GR1 by MOLLY

Today, I’ll be sharing a sketch map detailing some of the different ways the interchangeable silhouettes of The Gemini Rebirth 1 can be styled, as well as the individual 3-in-1 looks for each pair… Enjoy!

The GR1 – OLIVE/VERT (left); The GR1 – OLIVE/VERT – SLIPPER (right)

The GR1 – OLIVE/VERT – Lace-Up Sandal

The GR1 – TAN/BRUN (left); The GR1 – TAN/BRUN – SLIPPER (right)

The GR1 – TAN/BRUN – Lace-Up Sandal

The GR1 – BLACK/NOIR (left); The GR1 – BLACK/NOIR – SLIPPER (right)

The GR1 – BLACK/NOIR – Lace-Up Sandal

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