The Journey To MOLLY: What’s Next?

To tell you the truth…

I’m torn between finishing my six-piece debut collection- The Gemini Rebirth and trying my best not to get discouraged amidst this wreckage of a pandemic.

Nonetheless, creating this collection has solidified a vivid direction of a broader design mission I might adopt moving forward- to create interchangeable footwear that is not restrictive in style and is fluid in its completed silhouette. It is the reason why I have sought fervently to ensure that these designs are intellectually protected before their intended release dates to avoid future unauthorized replications.

Carefully handcrafted using gorgeous tan, beautiful black and deep olive tones, the patent-pending body of work is meticulously crafted using calculated chrome hardware placements and detailed features, such as pointed-toes and 100mm stiletto heels in order to emphasize the desired allure. All one has to do is release the chrome metal clasps from the O-rings to alternate between the desired silhouette and instantly switch up your style. The collection will, of course, come in a range of forms and colour tones to allow the user mix & match attachment pieces between colours or specific models (ex. the open-toe GR1 slipper can be paired with the GR2 attachment piece and vice versa). Think of it as a sophisticated game ofTetris, only the puzzle pieces are footwear attachments.

First edition prototype for the GR1

This series is my tribute to the The Shapeshifters; The ones who are dealt a tough hand but remain resilient, yet soft and alluring in nature.

Six seems to me, as someone who is doing this for the first time ever, an ideal number for a debut footwear collection. The only problem now is that I run into road blocks ever so often with crucial supplies being out of stock locally or simply unavailable online. It’s a grisly pain in the ass since I am on a schedule to complete these prototypes and have them sent over to my factory overseas to be handcrafted and mass produced. The GR1 has already been recreated perfectly and approved for mass production, while the GR2 is being remodelled for a more edgy, yet flirty & sensual feel. I must say that I am super thrilled watching it all come together with my first model, GR1, and I cannot wait to share these bad-ass trendsetters with you all.

First edition prototype for the GR1

This collection will include avant-garde designs that will give its users power over their desired silhouette. Because of the significance behind this collection, I will only be making each model exclusive to 250 buyers in an entire lifetime in order to preserve their novelty. These pairs have been modelled uniquely with the intent to serve as collective pieces which interact exclusively with one another. With that being said, I’ll leave it up to your imagination to picture what a remodelled GR2, as well as the rest of the collection, will look like. Think pumps, booties and thigh-highs 😉

As always, the Journey To MOLLY is nothing short of exciting and I am more than pleased to share every step of my story with you.

Until next time!


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