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Shape-shifting Through Hard Times.

As an ode to the ever-changing silhouettes in The Gemini Rebirth Collection, I decided to create an outlandish pair that could be coupled with my dreams of exploring the great outdoors as COVID19 continues to get the best of my summer.

Constructed with edgy detachable pieces, vibrant tan leather, fine grain black leather and a honeycomb scuba mesh fabric reminiscent of beautiful ocean corals, these sole coverings are crafted ever so intricately and have easily become my favourite creations so far.

The pair stands tall on a 100mm stiletto heel, combined with several chrome silver hardware. Seeing as keeping it simple was simply not serving my over-the-top self any justice, I did what felt right- jazzed it up! Every element of this design brings an exciting addition that elevates the attitude of each twin pair in the collection, using rings, rivets, and 18-carat Cuban links to intensely elevate the look and feel of these bad boys.

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