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The Journey To Molly: What’s Next?

To tell you the truth…

I’m torn between finishing my six-piece SS ’20 collection- The Gemini Rebirth and trying my best not to get discouraged with this wreckage of a pandemic.

Carefully handcrafted using gorgeous tan & beautiful black leather, paired with meticulously calculated chrome hardware placements, this series is my tribute to the The Unapologetic Renegades, The Shapeshifters; The ones who are dealt a tough hand in life but remain resilient, yet soft and alluring in nature.

It is the sexiness when transformed into a beautiful black eyelet slipper, the assertiveness of a modern lady in a fashionably buckled pump and the earth-shattering boldness of a pointed-toe spiked mid-calf backless bootie that keeps me motivated to complete these projects in a timely manner. Most importantly, creating this collection has given me a much clearer direction of a possibly permanent design aesthetic going forward- to create more interchangeable footwear that is not restrictive in style and is somewhat fluid in its completed silhouette.

Six seems to be on the smaller scale for a footwear collection, but as someone who is doing this for the first time ever, I think it’s just right. Only problem now is that I run into road blocks here and there with crucial supplies being out of stock locally or simply unavailable online. It’s a grisly pain in the ass. Currently, I have shared only two of these special designs on my brand page @brandedbymolly and am doing all that is within my power to make significant progress with this project as most non-essential businesses in Quebec remain closed.

At the start of February, I made a customized bulk order of my go-to supplies using my brand logo, however, half of those just arrived on Thursday [April 23rd], leaving me having to wait a few more weeks on the other half. Additionally, I have been stifled for 2+ weeks waiting on a pack of #3 zipper stops to complete a pair of mid-calf boots included in The Gemini Rebirth collection… Zipper stops… 😑. As long as the wait is and has been, it’s fathomable seeing as the whole world is in the middle of a crisis. Like I said, roadblocks.

However long it’s gonna take is a tale yet to be discovered, but I plan on having a fully functional collection for display by the end of April June, leaving me a good amount of time to think up and execute a jaw-dropping editorial shoot as the summer begins to unravel. *knock on wood*

With that being said, I’ll leave it all up to your imagination to picture what the rest of the collection will look like.

As always, the Journey To Molly is nothing short of exciting and I am more than pleased to share every step of my story with you.

Until next time!


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