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Oh, Molly… Where Have You Been?

As some of you know, last year ended on a ghostly note.
I faded off all social media platforms- this blog, my personal Instagram (even Pinterest) and retreated back to my introspective ways for some much-needed self-evaluation and strategic business planning. For a while there, it felt as though I was just “going with the flow” with my life (something I’m undeniably an expert at), however, my brand is not something that I take lightly. Therefore, I knew it was necessary to map out precisely what I want for Molly before rolling out my completed projects.

During this time, I took the opportunity to move cities from Toronto to Montreal. With a refreshed mind and a clearer vision, I am reconnected with my purpose and more understanding of the amount of hard work required in order to build a great and successful brand. Trust me… it’s A LOT.

One thing that happened over the course of my hiatus was approaching my father with a business to reel him in as a potential investor. Since then we’ve had many conversations about what direction to follow in order to grow my brand at a quicker, yet steady pace. I’m honestly trying to make the best decisions so bear with me if I take a little longer than expected.

Notheless, if you’re looking to embark on what might seem like one of the toughest journeys in life, you will need someone who is skilled and experienced in achieving goals that you wish to attain.

Other than that, leaving my social media platforms idle might have given off the impression of total abandonment, and for that I apologize, but rest assured I was working tirelessly behind the scenes. Hand-crafting a few pairs for clients, designing new collections, networking with establishments for possible future stocking deals, researching manufacturers and crucial information critical to the development of Molly, planning out future editorial shoots and overall, coming up with a desired marketing direction for the brand.

In the coming weeks, I will be sharing some of the pairs I have worked on, as well as a few more projects I’ll be taking on. Although my brand growth may seem leisurely to some, I am absolutely proud of my pace and achievements thus far. I wholeheartedly trust in God’s timing and the certainty that everything is right on track. I am tremendously grateful for those who continue to support me, my brand and even those who look to this blog for any form of help or inspiration. It is truly liberating to have the ability to live my dreams out loud, fearlessly and faithfully.

I look forward to sharing my journey with you and documenting many breakthroughs going forward!

Reminder: No matter what your goal is, no matter how minuscule it may seem, celebrate every win as though it’s your greatest accomplishment. Never undermine your growth. Stay safe and remain positive my loves!

Until next time…



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