5 Things You Absolutely Should Know Before Starting A Business


It’s gonna be a fight everyday, with your emotions and with you self esteem. I think we all think highly of ourselves and are easily disappointed when it seems as though we’re nowhere near where we should be, but is important to remember nothing ever comes easy. You must believe in your passion to fuel your dreams. Most importantly, you must believe entirely in yourself.



If you’re a lover of a good night’s rest, kiss that idea goodbye because your dreams will keep you up at night. Personally, my nights are spent putting in the extra amount of work I need to get a certain project done because my days are insanely busy. I can’t begin to tell you how many of my nights are spent going back and forth between brainstorming ideas to grow my brand and involuntarily comparing myself to others who I admire, wondering what their journey was like and how they managed to conquer each difficult moment on their journey. Surely, we all have some sort of struggle.

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In 2018, you absolutely need to have some sort of following on a social media platform like Instagram to market your products to. This is essentially why a traditional business plan is crucial. It emphasizes the importance of marketing strategies and advertising campaigns with measurable, realistic and time-based goals. By creating a business plan earlier on in your journey, you’ll avoid a lot of wasted time and efforts, goals become easier to breakdown and you achieve little milestones that lead up to the whole picture. Check out more of the theory behind the S.M.A.R.T goal here.



You’re gonna get discouraged by obstacles that try to break you- money will make you feel insufficient and limited, time will make you feel like you’ve wasted a lot while also running crazy because you think you don’t have enough. Your vision will get clouded and you will lose time basking in self-doubt. Ever heard the saying “time is money”? Well, that is the true reality of things, so try not to waste it.

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So what do you do when life gets tough?… Keep reading.

The thirst is real when you want something as badly as your dream. My advice: listen to lots of motivational speakers that resonate with you. My word mule goes by the name of Eric Thomas- “The Hip Hop Preacher”, an author and a minister. Whenever I feel a lack of motivation coming on, I replay my absolute favourite saying of his- “You gotta want it as bad as you wanna breathe”.
Check out Eric’s YouTube channel for videos and podcasts.

Also do your research, find documentaries pertaining to the things you love, their makers and the history behind why these designers do what they do. It’s always great when you have the opportunity to gain more knowledge, so take advantage of different media. You can also check out my suggested movies for a kickstart on some inspiration!
As always, it’s been a pleasure documenting my walk throughout this Journey to Molly. By no means am I suggesting each individual who embarks on a business venture will encounter these problems, we all go through life experiences differently. Take to these as you will and feel free to comment or share any experiences you may have!

Until next time,


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