The Journey To Molly: What’s Next?

To tell you the truth…

I’m torn between school and work, but at the same time having a four piece Spring/Summer collection with the most gorgeous crimson & beautiful black leather uppers seems to sit pretty at the top of my list! Four seems to be on the smaller scale for a footwear collection, but for someone looking to have her first ever editorial photoshoot, I think it’s just right.

This collection called The Grunge Meet Up brings together the seduction of a spiked crimson slingback sandal,


the sexiness when transformed into a beautiful black studded slipper,


the assertiveness of the modern lady in a stylish mule,


and finally, the earth-shattering boldness of a pointed-toe studded mid-calf boot.


How long it’s gonna take is another tale yet to be discovered. I plan on having a fully functional footwear collection for display by the end of October, leaving me a good amount of time to think up and execute a jaw-dropping editorial shoot before the year comes to an end. Fingers crossed.
But having to execute a plan this outlandish would mean either having the adequate funding from a given capital or having a constant source of income. If you’ve read my recent blog post- The Struggles Of Building A Footwear Brand you’ll understand why money serves as a constant obstacle. With that being said, seeing as I have no investors and will be solely funding my startup, it’s safe to say I’ll be putting in those hours at work and piling up as much loose change as I can find to support my shoemaking and brand-building journey.

P.S. I’ll let you in on a little secret. You can checkout the Crimson leather slingback here.  I’ll leave it all up to your imagination to picture the slipper, mule and boots come to life 😉

As always, this Journey To Molly is nothing short of exciting so don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @mollywolz for more real-time information on the latest updates.

Until next time!


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