The Journey To MOLLY: Why I Put A Pause On Shoe-Making.

Shoemaking has given me a totally different perspective on life. These days I tend to feel a lot more purposeful and optimistic when I wake up. Not that I wasn’t at all to begin with, but it’s pretty heightened lately. The mere thought of a dream that seems so out of reach remains frightening, but at the same time satisfactory.

When I started my shoe-making intensive at the Art & Sole Academy in Toronto, the winter semester of my final year had just come to an end in April and this seemed like the perfect time to indulge in the craft. Like every new task I embark on, my excitement and passion are usually tip-top at the start, but as I near the end of these creative projects I tend to lose optimism and fall short of my own expectations when I don’t meet the goals I set. In this case, i blame it on time constraints and my need for perfection.

Starting off my 10-day intensive with a fellow shoe lover, watching her complete a pair of traditional Oxford shoes for her son and go on to start a second pair of Moccasins by the end of our time at the studio was enough to bury my soul in discouragement, because I wasn’t even nearly close to done with my first pair by the last day of our studio time.

At the end of the day, I knew I had to be my biggest supporter in that moment- reminding myself that:

  1. It’s my FIRST time making a pair of shoes for goodness sake- it’s bound to take some time.
  2. Different footwear styles vary in the number of hours used to create a pair. Meaning my complex, strappy platform heels were (again) bound to take more time to handcraft than the traditional Oxford shoe or moccasin, and
  3. I was sold a set of snap closures without the eyelets, which I needed to fasten the straps together in order for them to be functional.

Unfortunately, starting a new summer semester right after the shoe-making intensive ended was no help. Being that I live in Mississauga, I figured I’d take a quick trip to the local leather & hardware store- Tandy Leather, to pick up the missing piece of the puzzle (the eyelets), but to my surprise… (drumroll please!) They didn’t have the size I needed AND I still haven’t been able to pick up a new set at the supply store in Toronto due to being overwhelmed with my societal obligations- school & work.

Since I’m constantly working on my time management, executing all three of these tasks simultaneously has proven more difficult than I imagined. Lately, all I look forward to is wrapping up my time at school so that each hour of my day is focused towards shoe-making and building my brand, MOLLY.

Also, after learning what an excessive pain-in-the-ass high heel shoemaking can be, I’ve decided to start off my first collection with a relatively small collection. I figure this would be easier to create and market for a rookie like myself. Nevertheless, while I wait for my lasts to be custom-made, know that I am indeed plotting and perfecting my plan to conquer the world of Fashion one sexy heel at a time.

Stay tuned for upcoming previews of my collection under the portfolio menu. As always, it’s been a pleasure bringing you along on The Journey To MOLLY!

Until next time,


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