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DIY: Tassel Takeover! 10 Easy Steps To Spice Up Your Favourite Sandals This Summer

Summer’s finally here and we’ve all got a case of happy feet!

With open-toed shoes popping up at every department store, pedicures are on the rise as the season’s beloved shoe styles are back on the shelves. But our desire to go along with what’s hot in fashion often leaves most Fashionistas looking like the next beauty beside them. Here’s a step by step tutorial on how to combat the monotonous sandal trend and put your touch on that hot summer buy with this fun leather trick.

Now you’re probably wondering where one even finds leather. If you live around the Greater Toronto Area, take a drive down to the fashion district on Spadina Avenue and King Street West where you’ll find a large selection of leather hides for an affordable price at Perfect Leather Goods. For those of us way west in Mississauga, don’t worry about taking that drive down the 401 East highway because Tandy Leather on Tomken road carries a variety of leather goods guaranteed to exhilarate the leather-lover in you. You’re welcome 😉


  • Leather
  • Pencil
  • Rotary cutter
  • Glue
  • Ruler
  • Cutting Board
  • Metal compression sleeve (optional)

Experience the true nature behind most of your favourite leather goods when you visit vendors in Toronto’s Fashion District. Select the hide of your choice- one that screams your name and, of course, complements the shoes you’re about to dazzle up. Since we’re making tassels, we won’t need much leather so find the smallest pieces available to save you some money. Pay, and voila! You, my friend, are one step closer to those elegant frills.

Lay down the leather on a cutting board and measure a rectangle about 7 inches long and 2.5 inches wide with your ruler. Cut the measured piece and separate from the rest of the hide.

Measure from the top of the leather down ½ inch. Draw a horizontal line that meets both ends of the leather. This will be our “stop line”.

Grab your rotary cutter, kick in an ounce of patience and get rolling. Push down firmly on the ruler so that the leather stays in place while cutting, then move the wheel vertically on your piece of leather up to the stop line to make trimmings.

Slide your ruler horizontally down the piece of leather to create a trim similar in width to the previous trim. Repeat until you have a fully fringed leather band.

With your ruler, measure ¼ inch by the desired length of the tassel loop and cut out leather. I have my measurements at ¼ inch by 4 inches. Keep in mind that once this piece of leather is folded, it then becomes 2 inches long. Finally, glue both ends of the leather to each other.

Take your glue and attach the tassel to the top left/right corner of your fringed leather.

Begin to roll the fringed leather from the corner attached to the tassel loop and add more glue as you go. We don’t want all our hard work coming undone.

Cut a piece of leather that measures the same length of the big leather piece you frilled and ½ inch wide.


Wrap the leather around the tassel (remember: glue as you go) for a more refined look, and voila! You’ve got a tassel that slides right into any strap.
Grab a metal compression sleeve that fits perfectly around the tassel and slide into place for some funky accents!

I’ve attached a video of Elke Bergeron’s tassel-making tutorial on Youtube to guide you through this creative process.

And there you have it!
The next time someone asks where you bought those fun, flirty and fabulous shoes, you’ll be able to steal some of the credit. After all, you DID “make them” 😉

That wasn’t too difficult now, or was it?

Feel free to comment your experience below if you tried this fun DIY project and share this post with the rest of your stylish friends!





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