Why Spring Cleaning Is Absolute Bullshit!


A time when winter’s safe colors (and my favorite- black *cries in heat*) are kicked to the curb by Fashion execs who, for some reason, think regular individuals like myself should splurge on “brand new” spring/summer collections filled with the same designs being recycled since the stone age. Uh… no, thanks. Maybe in my next upper class life.

Whether you’re taking a calm afternoon walk, getting lit at the wildest concerts or dressing to impress your hot summer date during patio season, there’s no reason why last year’s hot buys should be tossed into the outdated pile. Here’s why:


We’ve all been here. The first time after months of playing hide and seek with the sun, we go into a panic about spring/summer style. At least I know I do…


Toss out assumptions that spring warrants your closet to look like a warfare of primary colours…This isn’t pre-K. With spring blooming unending picturesque flowers, finding a colour palette suitable to your style and wardrobe is easier than you think!

How I see it:


Most spring colour schemes are inspired by nature’s beauty– The breath taking palette of a sun set, details of a plant’s blooming flowers, the richness of food (my favourite!) and cultures that thrive on the sun’s ability to be a trooper all summer long- pool parties. It is beauty that NEVER fades and beauty that’s ALWAYS gonna make it’s comeback.

So it is important that one chooses colours that are active complementary colours to others and colours that complement each skin tone. For example, complementary pairs would be considered reds and greens, purples and yellows, and so forth. After making this selection, you’re free to let your imagination run wild by choosing colours that have analogous relationships to provide you with a range of options (meaning different hues of the chosen pair. I know. Terminology)


As much as I hate to admit it, floral and animal prints are rulers of the season. Seeing as we’re ambushed with several of the same floral, cheetah or zebra prints year after year by different brands, it’s not news that brands continue go buck wild with these patterns. So why spend a fortune every year? Find a print/pattern that works for you and stick to it.

Now, if you’re anything like the defiant I am you’re probably wondering, “well, how do I give it an edge? No worries. I’m already two steps ahead of you with ideal ways to incorporate those rocker chains, punk spikes, flirty polka dots and daring stripes to complement these prints.


Tip #1
Floral prints are so versatile- they can be paired with a number of things. From stripes to polka dots to chains and spikes, floral prints carry the most potential of all spring/summer prints to seamlessly incorporate these accent pieces when matched perfectly.


(Top image: Prada Spazzolato Studded platform Sandal ; Left image: Valentino Rock Stud Sling back; Right image: Tom Ford Square Toe Cap Chain Pump)

Tip #2
From my experience, leopard prints are compatible with spikes mostly (maybe throw in a few chains too) and that’s about it.


(Left image: Saint Laurent embellished leather ankle boots; Right image: Tom Ford buckled-chain cutout sandal)

Tip #3
Daring zebra stripes are truly appealing when combined with spikes and chains, and only those. And please, for the sake of fashion, try not to over do them.


(Top image: Current Mood Adeline spiked Heels; Left image: N/A ; Right image: Gianvito Rossi chain-embellished leather sandal)


Let’s face it, not everyone walks around with disposable income the size of Bill Gate’s. So if I spend a fortune this season on remarkable items, there’s no reason I should have to rinse and repeat next year… I say shop trends, but shop wise.

So when you go out shopping this summer, keep these tips in mind as you select unique and timeless prints or patterns that will re-ignite the same flame in your wardrobe next season.

Rest assured you’ll be styling and profiling with a spring in your step! 😉
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Until next time,


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